Frequently Asked Questions



What bike should i get?

The first question we are usually asked is, "What bike should I get?"

While it is an appropriate question, the appropriate answer is based on two different factors.

1. USE:

What do you intend to use the bike for?  Will you be hopping around on city streets and going frequent, but short distances? If so, a nimble CB350 or CB400 might be what you're looking for in a cafe racer.  Will you be doing extensive travel on the freeways?  If this is the case, it's possible that a CB550 or CB750 might be better suited for your needs.


A rider should have a bike that reflects their own size and weight, so we keep this in mind while shopping with our clients. If you have trouble standing in a light breeze, a CB750 may not be the best option! Additionally, if this is your first motorcycle, it is often best to start small until you acclimate to riding.

We ALWAYS seek out the perfect bike for each of our clients’ needs, so they can enjoy the ride!

Do you only work on cafe racers?

Cafe racers come in many different styles and degrees of build.

With that in mind, it is up to you as to what you might consider a "cafe."  We do our best to accommodate anyone looking to enjoy the experience of riding a motorcycle. Whether it comes to tuning, simple stylizing, or a full-on build of your ultimate, dream motorcycle, we can help to get you on the road.

How much?

Here it is: The Big Question

When it comes to answering this one, the sky is the limit!

Naturally, larger bikes cost more when compared to smaller bikes, premium performance parts differ in cost when compared to stock versions, and freshly painted or powder-coated parts can cost more than leaving the natural patina untouched.

Please, let it be noted that we will always go above and beyond the expectations of quality and service to make sure that you get the bike of your dreams... a cafe racer, built for speed!