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Here we show off our favorite cafe racers...

Will yours be next? 


1969 CB350 - "Posh"

Talk about a spit shine! This beautiful bike is rocking a hand painted tank. The custom leather seat has a true cafe racing cowl to keep you on the bike while reaching max torque. Her custom rear sets achieve an ergonomic stance for agility on the raceway. The chopped scrambler pipes are completed with volcanic wrap for heat protection.  



1971 CB350 - "Bee"

One of our sexiest bikes. Bee was featured in the 2018 Women's Moto Show, where she rode home with second place. She is rocking an LED headlight with a grill. On the gun metal tank is an oversized Honda racing decal. The black cherry leather seat is complete with diamond stitching. Also, cut and wrapped pipes keep her cool and loud!  


1973 CB350F - "Sally"

This is not your old aunt Sally. The bare metal and rusty tank keeps that vintage character we love so much. Chopped pipes keeps heads turning in the streets. The open drive chain lets you know she means business.  


The Twins

Twin-cylinder 1968 CL350s. One clean. One Dirty. Split personalities, separated at birth and reunited in our shop.  

Each one is equally bratty, with a style of her own. Both are built for speed.




1969 CL350 TWIN - Classic in black and bare metal, we decided to mix things up by giving Joy one scrambler pipe and one street pipe. We also hand-hammered her tank to give her a raw set of knee dents that make tucking in on the curves a little easier... and a lot more fun.


1969 CL350 TWIN - Designed with asymmetrical stripes in her seat and tank, Faye is a head turner. Since she's quick too, the only thing that will grab your attention more than her color scheme is her set of slash-cut scrambler pipes... they are loud as hell.


Riot Cycles - CB400F Kickflip.jpg

1975 CB400 Four - "Kickflip"

Where to begin?  Four open pipes.  Oxblood leather.  Black gloss paint.  Perfect center of gravity.  

It doesn't get much better than this... or louder... or faster.


LUNA - Jimmy Pic - Square.jpg

1969 CL350 - "Luna"

Stripped down to nothing, with equal elements of clean and dirty, this off-road scrambler has been transformed into a sleek night rider for the city streets.

X-1-Jimmy Pic.jpg

1975 CB360 - "X-1"

The ultimate brat-cafe, this gem has only what it needs to run.  It's perfect for zipping through the city streets and quick off the line. This cafe is truly a "RIOT" cycle.